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Подводная археология: Великобритания

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Canal Junction

"Canal Junction has over two hundred pages of information, links and advice about English, Scottish & Welsh canals. Each section is carefully organised to help you find the information you want easily, whether you are new to canals and perhaps looking for an area to cruise, or whether you have your own boat and are looking for equipment suppliers or boatyards. All our pages are designed to load quickly and you will never be more than a single click away from this main menu page". Общая информация, новости, корабли, баржи и лодки, инженерные сооружения, подводные исследования.

Ferriby Boats

// This web site details the discoveries of three Bronze Age Boats at North Ferriby in East Yorkshire

Flag Fen

// Information about the waterlogged site near Peterborough, Cambridgeshire.

Nautical Archaeology Society (NAS)

UK, Gordon Square, WC1H OPY, England. "Founded in 1981 to further research in all aspects of nautical archaeology and to ensure the publication of the results. It aims: to advance education in nautical archaeology at all levels; to improve techniques in reporting, excavating and conservation; to encourage participation by members of the public at all stages. The NAS is an international volunteer organisation (UK-based) composed of divers, archaeologists, conservationists, historians, and other people throughout the world interested in nautical archaeology. The NAS offers outstanding Training in nautical archaeology in 12 countries on four continents around the world. The NAS publishes the International Journal of Nautical Archaeology". Исследования, проекты, публикации, родственные ресурсы.

The Dover Bronze Age Boat

// Extensive page of the Dover Bronze Age Boat Trust about the 1992 find

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Briggs H. Giant Wave Hit Ancient Scotland

// Friday, 7 September, 2001. "This BBC news item, dated September 2001, reports on evidence revealed by scientists of a tsunami that flooded Eastern Scotland about 7,000 years ago. The article discusses the impact of the wave on the coastline; the evidence of its effect on settlers; and the possibility of such a wave occuring again."

Landings of Caesar in Britain, 55 and 54 BC

// This article was originally published in Athena Review Volume 1, no.1. "Contained here is information about the landing at Deal, England, of Roman Legions under Caesar's command, first in 55 BC and then again in 54 BC. Battles with the British eventuated and some details are included. Maps show the route the Romans took when crossing the English Channel."

Ritchie A. Loot and Land

// "Part of BBC archaeology and ancient history online this article reports on the 8th Century Viking attacks on Britain's holy places, their slaughter of monks and the removal of countless treasures. One of the six pages is about the well-designed Viking boats and the convenient winds which helped the Vikings come and go as they pleased."

Shardlow, Derbyshire

// Discovery of a Bronze Age log boat with a cargo of quarried stone at the banks of the River Trent

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