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Anastasian Wall Project

"The principal aim of this research project (1994-2000) was to investigate, record and map the archaeological remains of the Anastasian Wall, a 56km long linear fortification built to defend Constantinople in the early Byzantine period. Full publication pending. Supported by the British Institute of Archaeology at Ankara, the AHRB and the British Academy."

Excavations at Kinet Höyük, Ancient Issos (Yesil-Dörtyol, Hatay): 1992-2000

"The Kinet Höyük project is examining the economic subsistence strategies of a small eastern Mediterranean harbor over a long chronological perspective. The pattern emerging from seven excavation campaigns (1992-95, 1997-99) is one of conservative, regional self-sufficiency occasionally offset by outside contacts that sparked changes in fashion and industry. This trend would apply as much to agriculture as to local ceramic production, or the development of marketable commodities. Concurrently, this harbor witnessed, thanks to its location, a long succession of Mediterranean and Near Eastern historical moments or events, from the time of its foundation to the Middle Ages."

Hacimusalar Excavation Home Page

"Excavations on the mound of Hacimusalar, 20 kms. south of Elmali in the central Lycian plateau, have been carried out for three short seasons since 1994. The project is under the direction of Ilknur Ozgen, Chair of the Department of Archaeology and History of Art. Also involved in the project are three other Bilkent faculty members, Julian Bennett, Deniz Kaptan Bayburtluoglu and Jean Oztьrk, as well as Mark Garrison of Trinity University."

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Balenbouche Estate

"The Department of Archaeology, University of Bristol, in conjunction with the St Lucia National Trust, will shortly be announcing the details of the third season of this 4-week field school in the principles and practice of the new discipline of historical landscape archaeology. The project is based at Balenbouche Estate, an 18th century sugar plantation in St Lucia, West Indies."

Colonial Landscape of St Christopher, West Indies

"Following a very successful first season, the Department of Archaeology, University of Bristol, in conjunction with the St Christopher Heritage Society, are conducting ongoing survey and excavations in Old Road, St Kitts. The project includes fieldwork at Wingfield Estate and its environs, St Kitts, West Indies."

Doug's Archaeology Site: Archaeological/Skeptical Resources, Critiques of cult archaeology, Roman Britain links

"For a long time I've been meaning to set up a web with references to other sites and articles not found elsewhere which expose 'cult' or 'fringe' archaeology. I’ve finally gotten around to setting one up because Ross Clark asked me what to do with some graphics sent to him by Robin Stobbs. Foolishly I said no problem, I’d put them up! Fortunately web utilities are friendlier than when I first wrote a web page, so with the help of Arachnophilia, here it is. Now that I’ve created it, I intend to use it for what in my opinion is interesting information about archaeology. In particular this will include a section on what is often called cult or fringe archaeology. I'm including also various links to more serious and to my main interest in archaeology, Romano-British archaeology. It won’t be terribly flash as I don’t have the time, and in any case prefer sites with a minimum of bells and whistles." Список ресурсов с краткими аннотациями.

Sites of Archaeological Interest in the Isle of Man

"This Web Site is my own personal Web Site. It is run as a hobby and was created to fill a void in the World Wide Web. It aims to be factual, accurate, interesting and informative; however I am not a qualified Archaeologist (yet), Typist or Web Page Constructor so mistakes may occur!!!" Отчеты о раскопках с 2000 г., фотогалерея, описания памятников.

Tarbat Discovery Programme

"The Tarbat Discovery Programme is a collaborative project between the Tarbat Historic Trust, Highland Council and the University of York. It is carried out by Field Archaeology Specialists Ltd, York, for the Department of Archaeology, University of York and is jointly directed by Martin Carver, Justin Garner-Lahire, Annette Roe and Cecily Spall."

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"Dig Afognak is operated by the Native Village of Afognak. They are not operating any tourist programming during the 2002 summer. For more information on the Dig Afognak program please contact NVA at 907-486-6357."

Agnes Street, Indianapolis

"On September 11, 1941, Indianapolis realtor Howard W. Fieber stopped in the back yards of 458-460 Agnes Street and took this photograph of a somewhat unusual two-story outhouse. The block in which the towering privy stood was rather typical of much of the city's near-Westside: dominated by modest homes built in the 1870's, European immigrants, White Hoosiers, and African Americans had at various times called the block home. The block bordered by Agnes - what we now call University Boulevard -, Michigan, Vermont, and Patterson Streets, is today on the campus of IUPUI, and it will soon be the site of the University's new Campus Center. In partnership with Campus Facilities Services, the 2003 IUPUI Archaeology Field School will conduct excavations at the site and examine the material record of the households that lived in the block over a century."

Aucilla River Prehistory Project

"More than a decade after it began, the Aucilla River Prehistory Project (ARPP) is recognized nationally and internationally for its contributions towards a greater understanding of human and animal interaction in late Pleistocene Florida. Each year the ARPP team produces substantial new evidence of human, animal, and plant life spanning the past 30,000 years."

Clovis Archaeology

Fieldwork and Research Opportunities. "In recent years advanced students have earned credit for research assistance on a variety of faculty-directed projects. These include the analysis of human skeletal remains from a 19th-century cemetery in Chicago; laboratory analyses of archaeological artifacts from Mesoamerica; the study of captive primate behavior at the Lincoln Park Zoological gardens; and a study of aging at a local retirement center, to name a few. Students are encouraged to gain summer fieldwork experiences in archaeology, biological anthropology and cultural anthropology. Cooperative programs between Loyola and other universities around the world provide these opportunities."

Crow Canyon

"Crow Canyon Archaeological Center in Cortez, Colorado is a not-for profit organization dedicated to involving the public in the study of archaeology and Native American cultures."


"Research. Conservation. Education. Earthwatch Institute engages people worldwide in scientific field research and education to promote the understanding and action necessary for a sustainable environment. Our new 2004 expedition guide describes more than 130 exciting research expeditions that you can join at fascinating sites around the world!"

Fallen Timbers Battlefield

"This archaeological project is an attempt to accurately locate and preserve the field of battle and to more fully understand the motives and movements of the combatants and their people before, during and after the pivotal Battle of Fallen Timbers."

Five Point, Historic Archaeology in New York City

"Archaeologists and historians rediscover a famous nineteenth-century New York neighborhood. Archaeological investigations on the site of the new Foley Square Courthouse at 500 Pearl Street were undertaken by the United States General Services Administration (GSA) in fulfilment of its obligations under the National Historic Preservation Act and related Federal legislation. The work evolved from the findings of the cultural resources survey prepared as part of the environmental impact statement by the firm of Edwards and Kelcey Engineers, Inc. (E&K). Initial fieldwork was carried out by Historic Conservation and Interpretation, Inc. (HCI) working as a subcontractor to E&K. In July of 1991, the firm of John Milner Associates, Inc. (JMA) succeeded HCI in the completion of the fieldwork. JMA has continued on with the analysis and interpretation of material recovered from the site."

Jamestown Field School and Fellowships in Historical Archaeology

"The Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities, the University of Virginia's School of Continuing and Professional Studies, and the National Park Service will offer a six-week archaeological field school at Jamestown, Va. during the summer of 2003. Since space is limited, early applications are strongly encouraged."

Historical Archaeology Field School

"The Minnesota Archaeological Research Program (MARP) is conducting an archaeological field school at the site of the early-nineteenth-century American Fur Company headquarters in Mendota, Minnesota-now the heart of the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area. The site was an important center of commerce during the first half of the nineteenth century. For the past 30 years, the Fort Snelling-Mendota Historic Districts have been the focus of a research program directed towards understanding the social, political, and economic elements of this historic complex."

Lott House, 17th Century Brooklyn

"The Lott family came to New Amersfoodt in 1666, and continued to live in the Lott house until the 1980's. The grounds are uniquely documented and undisturbed. This might be our last chance to learn about American Slavery in the North, Indian Cultures long since gone, natural fauna, the role of Women in Colonial society, the interaction on a local level between Dutch, French, and English communities in the face of international world war."

Notre Dame archaeology field school

Экспериментальная ("историческая") и доисторическая археология, геофизические исследования.

University of Utah, Summer Field School in Archaeology and Geoarchaeology

"The University of Utah's 2003 summer program in archaeological field techniques will be held at two locations in the Great Basin and Colorado Plateau of the western United States. Jointly sponsored by the Department of Anthropology and the Utah Museum of Natural History, this course offers students the opportunity to learn modern archaeological field and lab techniques in an ongoing field research program. Under the direction of Dr. Duncan Metcalfe, participants in the program will also recieve training in archaeological method and theory."

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