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Radar Image of Ubar

NASA. "This is a radar image of the region around the site of the lost city of Ubar in southern Oman, on the Arabian Peninsula. The ancient city was discovered in 1992 with the aid of remote sensing data. Archeologists believe Ubar existed from about 2800 B.C. to about 300 A.D. and was a remote desert outpost where caravans were assembled for the transport of frankincense across the desert."

Rageth J. Ur- und frühgeschichtliche Funde aus Untervaz

// Article (pdf file)

Rains V. Underwater archaeology in Latvia during the last decade, 2001

// Nordic Underwater Archaeology

Rains V. Underwater archaeology in Latvia, 1996

// Nordic Underwater Archaeology

Rao S.R. The Lost City of Dvaraka

1999. Аннотация.

Rappenglück M.A. The claviform P-sing a time unit? Interpreting a paleolithic symbol

// Статья

Rare Bronze Age and Roman finds in Thanet

// British Archaeology. - 9. - 1995. Isle of Thanet, Kent

Reaching for the stars

// How Europe's elites amounted wealth and power. International Symposium Halle/Saale

Rebay K.C. Gebisse der Hallstattzeit - Wirkungsweise und Rekonstruktion

// Статья, Universität Wien.

Redman Ch.L. Human Impact on Ancient Environments

// 1999. University of Arizona Press, Tucson. ISBN 0-8165-1963-3 (paperback on acid free paper). 219 pages, plus 17 pages of references and an index. "This book makes an interesting contrast to Brian Fagan's El Niсo and the Fate of Civilizations, which discusses the archaeological evidence that humans have always had to deal with global climatic weather problems like El Niсo and La Niсa, and that catastrophic natural disasters have affected us always." Аннотация.

Reid J., Whittlesey St. Grasshopper Pueblo: A Story of Archaeology and Ancient Life

// 1999. University of Arizona Press, Tucson. ISBN 0-8165-1913-7 (paper). 172 pages, plus 4 pages of references, and an index. "The site of Grasshopper Pueblo was the home of the Mogollon people for the latter half of the 13th and the first half of the 14th centuries AD; and the home of an archaeological crew for the better part of 30 summers. Reid and Whittlesley interweave the two human occupations of this beautiful austere place in the mountain country of central Arizona, in an entertaining and illuminating manner."

Reimer P.J. A New Twist in the Radiocarbon Tale

// Science. - Vol.294. - 2001.

Renshaw St., Ihara S. Astronomy Among Ancient Tombs and Relics in Asuka, Japan

// Статья

Revista Arheologică, 1993-2008

Молдавия. Оглавление Вып. за 1993-2008 гг. Читать/сохранить файл *pdf

Reynolds W.T. (Chip) The Ship Half Moon - A Replica of the Dutch Ship of Exploration Commanded by Henry Hudson in 1609

// "The replica ship Half Moon is a full scale reproduction of the Dutch shi of exploration sailed to North America in 1609 by Henry Hudson. The ship is authentic in appearance, but constructed of modern materials and techniques." История корабля и постройки его копии.

Rice M. Egypt's Legacy: The Archetypes of Western Civilization 3000-30 B.C.

// 1997. Routledge, London. ISBN 0-415-15779-X (hardback). 207 pages, plus 26 pages of notes, references, and an index. "One of the great mysteries of the Egyptian civilization is why it flowered so abruptly around 3000 B.C. In his 1997 book, Egypt's Legacy, Michael Rice takes the rather intriguing stance of using Jungian - as in Carl Jung - analysis to explain the possible mechanisms of the rise of civilization."

Rice R.S. Antikythera Mechanism: Physical and Intellectual Salvage From the 1st Century B.C.

// "The site focusees on the 1901 excavation of cargo from a heavily laden merchant ship which sunk off the coast of Greece and compares present day methods of excavation with those used at the beginning of the 20th Century. The most notable find amongst the cargo was the Antikythera mechanism, an astrolabe or ancient Greek clockwork astronomical instrument that indicates how advanced ancient Greek technology was. This paper was originally presented at the USNA Eleventh Naval History Symposium in 1993." Доклад 1995 г.

Rice R.S. Gears, Galleys, and Geography

// American Philological Association abstract, 12.29.93. "Implications of the Antikythera mechanism, our most exciting relic of advanced ancient technology."

Rice R.S. Peregrinations of the Queen: Technology Transfer in the Hellenistic World

// "The author describes an un-named "monster warship", the pride of the fleet of King Pyrrhus of Epirus, which was used in battles during the 3rd Century BC. Specific battles the warship fought in are mentioned and include the Battle of Mylae in 260 BC, where she was the command ship. The importance of this ship in shaping history is noted. This paper was originally presented by the author at the American Philological Association Convention in 1996."

Rice R.S. Rhodes Among the Giants: Macedon, Syria, and Rome

// "Contained here is chapter six of the author’s dissertation “The Rhodian Navy: The Proper Application of Limited Force”. In it he records the wars of the Rhodian Navy against both Philip V (the Macedon King) and his rival Antiochus III the Great (King of Syria). He also writes about the island's alliance with the imperialist Roman Republic."

Riedel G. Die Ausgrabungen auf der Burg von Gerolfing 1990

// Заметка 1995 г.

Ripper S. A Bronze Age Burnt mound at Watermead Country Park, Birstall, Leicestershire

// A waterlogged site. Excavation report

Roberts R.G. Luminiscence dating in arcaeology: from origins to optical

// Pergamon. - Vol.27. - №5-6. - 1997

Roksandic M. New Standardised Visual Forms for Recording the Presence of Human Skeletal Elements in Archaeological and Forensic Contexts

// Internet Archaeology. - N.13. "A series of visual recording forms for the recording skeletal elements is published".

Roman Wreck

// "Several Roman Wreck sites have been located around Guernsey but local diver, Richard Keen, discovered the well known one in 1982. It was located between the pierheads of St Peter Port harbour and suffering badly from the scouring action caused by the overhead passage of harbour traffic." Небольшая информационная страничка на сайте "Guernsey Museums and Galleries".

Romanchuk A.A. Metal works (axes and sickles) and Carpathian-Dniester - Lower Danube Cultural Relations during Ha A-Ha B1

// Статья. 2009. Читать/сохранить файл *pdf

Ross K.L. Egyptian Royal Tombs of the New Kingdom

// "In the American Museum of Natural History of New York City, in the Africa section of the Anthropological part of the museum, there is a cut-away model of an Egyptian Royal Tomb of the New Kingdom (XVIII, XIX, & XX Dynasties, c. 1575-1087 BC).."

Ruadhs F. Glauberg-Seiten

// Район Глауберг - поселения, погребения, карты, ресурсы, на нем. яз.

Ruggles Cl. Course information for AR315 (Archaeoastronomy)

// "The course will focus upon questions of archaeoastronomy's aims and objectives, scope and methodology, and its place (if any) within modern archaeology and anthropology as a whole. The first part of the course will concentrate on the Neolithic and Bronze Age in Britain and Ireland, and particularly on the interpretation of astronomical symbolism in monumental architecture. The remainder of the course will draw upon numerous examples from world archaeoastronomy and ethnoastronomy. Basic astronomical concepts will be introduced in the course of the first few lectures, but the course as a whole will not concentrate upon technical details."

Rundkvist M., Barshalder 1. A cemetery in Grötlingbo and Fide parishes, Gotland, Sweden, c. AD 1-1100. Excavations and finds 1826-1971

// 2003. Файл pdf

Rundkvist M., Barshalder 2. Studies of Late Iron Age Gotland, 2003

// 2003. Файл pdf

Rundkvist M., Lindqvist Ch., Thorsberg K., Barshalder 3. Rojrhage in Grötlingbo. A multi-component Neolithic shore site on Gotland, 2003

// 2003. Файл pdf

Ruvalcaba-Sil J.L., Demortier G. Elemental concentration profile in ancient gold artifacts by ion beam scattering

// 1996

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