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Maarleveld T.J. Between frugality and eclecticism - management of an archaeological cornucopia

// Nordic Underwater Archaeology. First published in AIMA Bulletin 17.2, 1993. - Статья с илл.

Maarleveld T.J. Maritime Archaeology in the Netherlands

// Nordic Underwater Archaeology

Maarleveld T.J. Maritime archaeology - What is at issue in northern Europe

// Nordic Underwater Archaeology. Lecture given at the Interim Conference of the International Council of Maritime Museums (ICMM) at Roskilde, Denmark, on 5 September 2000, by Thijs J. Maarleveld.

Maclean P. Exotic Metallurgy in Bronze Age

// Early Materials' Forum Conference 28/01/1998 at the British Museum

Magomedov B. Siedlungen der Cernjachov-Sîntana-Kultur

// Die Sîntana de Mureş - Černjachov Kultur. Akten  des Internationalen Kolloquiums in Caputh vom 20. bis 24. Oktober 1995. - Bd.2. - Bonn. - 1999. - S.69-82. Читать/сохранить сборник файл *pdf

Mahar D. Sinope

// Некоторые вопросы истории Синопы.

Main Lithuanian Archaeological Literature

Скачать презентацию *ppt

Manning S.W., Barbett M., Kromer B., Kuniholm P.I., Levin I., Newton M.V., Reimer P. No systematic early bias to Mediterranean 14C ages: Radiocarbon measurements from tree-ring and air samples provide tight limits to age offsets

// Radiocarbon. - Vol.44. - №3. - 2002

Manning S.W., Kromer B., Kuniholm P.I., Newton M.V. Anatolian Tree Rings and a New Chronology for the East Mediterranean Bronze-Iron Ages

// Science. - Vol.294. - 2001.

Manning S.W., Kromer B., Kuniholm P.I. Newton M.W. Confirmation of near-absolute dating of east Mediterranean Bronze-Iron Dendrochronology

// Antiquity. -Vol.77. - №295. - 2003

Mara H. Automated Profile Extraction of Archaeological Fragments

// 2003

Marshall A. Newgrange Excavation Report Critique

// "This monograph details excavations of 1962-1975 at the Neolithic chambered passage tomb of Newgrange, Co. Meath, Ireland. Newgrange lies on the Boyne River approximately 50km north of Dublin and is part of a tomb complex (O’Kelly, 1982, 13). The project was financed by the Irish Office of Public Works as the monument had become neglected. Nature and unsupervised visitors had taken their toll leaving the passage orthostats worn and dangerous. The mound too was tattered by animal burrows, visitors and tree roots so a programme of repair was devised. This incorporated careful survey to establish the monuments original form and consolidation of the tomb to its former state. Excavation was carried out by Bord Fáilte volunteers and various universities including Cork (O’Kelly, 1982, 10-11)."

Martens J. The Pre-Roman Iron Age in North Jutland

// Archaeologiske Skrifter. - 1997. - V. 7. - p.107-136. Читать/сохранить файл *pdf

Martin R.Th. An Overview of Classical Greek History from Mycenae to Alexander


Martin T.R. Battle of Salamis

// "Overview of the crucial naval battle betweeen the Greeks and the Persian Empire in 480 B.C. with links to PERSEUS references."

Martini M., Sibilia E. Radiation in archaeometry: archaeological dating

// Pergamon. - 2001

Mary Rose Museum

// UNESCO Sources, February 1997. "The excavation and salvage of the 16th century Tudor warship, the Mary Rose, show how underwater archaeology should be done. It also shows that such a task is a long-term undertaking, that can generate enormous public support which doesn't need to be a drain on the government's coffers". Статья с илл.

Mathisen Ralph W. Geography of Roman Gaul

// University of South Carolina. Информация о проекте 2002 г.

Matthews S. The Instantiated Identity: Critical Approaches to Studying Gesture and Material Culture

// Paper presented in ‘The Materialisation of Social Identities’ session at the annual Theoretical Archaeology Group conference, University of Glasgow, Scotland, 17th - 19th December 2004 (pdf file)

Mayell H. Floods Swept Ancient Nile Cities Away, Expert Says

// National Geographic News. - 2001. "Two cities that lay at the edge of the Mediterranean more than 1,200 years ago, Herakleion and Eastern Canopus, disappeared suddenly, swallowed by the sea. Now, an international team of scientists may have figured out the mystery of why it happened". Заметка.

Mayol D.E. Swedish Ship Vasa's Revival

// Nordic Underwater Archaeology. - 1996.

Mazzoli M. Roman villas

// Статья. "The Albano or Castel Gandolfo lake is the crater of an ancient volcano which, in addition to the waters which fill it, houses the remains of ancient civilazations. It is situated in the province of Rome, at an altitude of three hundred metres, on the Colli Albani hills and it has an elliptical shape and a surface area of about six square kilometres.." Исследования в затопленном кратере вулкана.

Mazzoli M. The secrets of the shallows

// Статья. Исследования корабля с амфорами римского времени.

McCluskey St. Man and the Cosmos

"This course builds on the work I've been doing in the past twenty years investigating the astronomies of the peoples of medieval Europe, the American Southwest, and pre-Columbian Mesoamerica. The central theme I've taken for this course reflects the fact that almost every people that we've investigated have done something that we can call astronomy. In the best sense this is a multi-cultural course, showing the different ways different peoples have looked at the heavens and the different patterns of thought that they have used to order the things that they saw in the sky. By the time we're done, I hope we'll have some understanding of the fact that science, and particular astronomy, is not something that Western Europeans and their intellectual descendants do. All peoples construct frameworks to make their observations of the heavens intelligible; astronomy is a universal human activity." Учебный курс

McCluskey St. Readings in Medieval History

"This course is (with History 402) half of a readings / research seminar sequence. Since medieval history is a secondary field for most of you, the focus of this readings seminar will be to provide an introduction to some of the important issues, to a range of the literature, and to some of the bibliographic tools in medieval history. Since the Middle Ages span almost 1000 years of history and are subject to a wide variety of historiographical approaches, any attempt to cover this period cannot help but be selective and superficial. In the early part of the course I've decided to focus primarily on the territory of present-day France: i.e., on Ancient Gaul and the Kingdom of the Franks." Учебный курс

McCluskey St. Religion and Myth

"This course focuses on the areas where I've done most of my research; I hope you find it as much fun as I do. Its central theme is the historical development of ideas about nature, from their prehistoric origins to the establishment of Newtonian science. In tracing this theme we will occasionally come into contact with other approaches to nature: religion, myth, magic, and technology. Nonetheless, the central theme of the different ways that scientific ideas and institutions function at different times and places will take up the major portion of the course." Учебный курс

McEwan B.G. (Ed.) Indians of the Greater Southeast

// 2000. University Press of Florida, Gainesville. ISBN 0-8130-1778-5 (hardback, alkaline paper). 317 pages, plus an index. References provided with separate chapters. "The Indians of the Greater Southeast is a collection of papers on Native American groups living from Florida to Texas during the first years of the European colonization of the American continent. Each chapter is written by a different author, but the coherent totality of the book is an educational exploration of the cultures of the southeastern peoples, as described from historic documents, oral tradition and archaeological evidence."

McGhee F.L. Towards a Postcolonial Nautical Archaeology

// Assemblage: the Sheffield Graduate Journal of Archaeology 3. "Fred McGhee, in a strongly worded article, looks 'Towards A Postcolonial Nautical Archaeology'. Taking a stance which is critical of the wayin which marine archaeology has unconsciously reproduced histories redolent with colonial agendas, he draws on Said's work on 'orientalism' to argue that there are many other versions of the past to be told."

McIntosh J. The Practical Archaeologist. How we know what we know about the past

// 1999. Facts on File ISBN: 0816039518. Аннотация.

McKenna S. Loughcrew Equinox Reflection

// "The present day psyche is drawn to the inscriptions on ancient stones. As the Earth moves into a crisis phase we more and more understand the ancestral links to the inner chambers of the mounds. We see green bellies rising from the land with entrances guarded by stones that have to be crawled over before going inside. Step over this stone and go into a space of deep slumber or deep awakening. These builders are not the people who wanted to subjugate the Earth, to tame it. We would grow into those people, who would come later. Now in 2008 there is a desire to return to that time of innate personal rhythm with the seasons. "

McMahon K., Chadha N. Ancient Greek Methods of Boating and Sailing

// "This brief article discusses ancient Greek boating and sailing. The types of ships used during this time were military ships (called triremes and quinqueremes) and cargo ships all of which were powered by oarsmen. How the ships were made and the importance of navigation are also discussed. There is a short bibliography. This section is part of the Greek civilisation website of Portland State University." Статья on-line с илл.

McMahon K., Chadha N., Hotchkiss P. Ancient Greek Methods of Boating and Shipping

// Статья с илл.

Meide Ch. Destructive Salvage Policy

// Nordic Underwater Archaeology. - 1999.

Meißner O. Eine kurze Geschichte der Stadt Koln

// Обзор истории памятников римского времени на нем. яз., 1997 г.

Melero F.J., Torres J.C., Le A., On the Interactive 3D Reconstruction of Iberian Vessels

// 4th International Symposium on Virtual Reality, Archaeology and Intelligent Cultural Heritage VAST (2003).

Mertanen T. Maritime Archaeology in South-Eastern Finland in the 1990s

// Еter till Marinarkeologi - 1999 г.

Mindell D.A. (ed.) Undersea Vehicles and National Needs 1997

// National Research Council, Marine Board, Committee on Undersea Vehicles. Commission on Engineering and Technical Systems. Текст.

Mittelalterliche Scheibenfibeln aus Westfalen

"Eine Übersicht zu Detektorenfunden spätkarolingischer Fibeln aus Westfalen." Все о средневековых фибулах

Monakhov S.Iu. Towards a typology of Knidian amphoras of 4th-2nd c BC

// Боспорский феномен: греческая культура не периферии античного мира. СПб. - 1999. - С.161-172. [К типологии книдских амфор IV-II вв. до н.э., англ. пер.] Also in PDF

Monakhov, S.Iu., Rogov E.Ia. Amphoras of the Panskoe I Necropolis

// Античный мир и археология. - №7. - 1990. - С.128-153. Full article (with illustrations). [Амфоры некрополя Панское, англ. пер.]

Monteiro P. My quest against treasure hunting

// Nordic Underwater Archaeology. - 1998 г.

Montelius O. Kulturgeschichte Schwedens von den altesten Zeiten bis zum elften Jahrhundert nach Christus

Leipzig. - 1906. Читать/сохранить файл *pdf

Montelius O. Orient und Europa. Einfluss der orientalischen Cultur auf Europa bis zur Mitte des letzten Jahrtausends v. Chr .

Stockholm. - 1899. Читать/сохранить файл *pdf

Motzoi-Chicideanu I. Cu privire la descoperirile funerare ale grupei Verbicioara

// European Arcaeology Online (Romanian with English summary). Commentaries concerning the Verbicioara funerary discoveries.

Motzoi-Chicideanu I. Observations Concerning the Bronze Age Cult-Object from Sarata Monteoru-Poiana Scorusului

// European Arcaeology Online

Motzoi-Chicideanu I. Some regards concerning the Monteoru culture

// European Arcaeology Online (Romanian with English abstract)

Motzoi-Chicideanu I., Gugiu D. Ein bronzezeiticher Grabfund von Cârlomanesti (Bez. Buzau)

// European Archaeology Online

Motzoi-Chicideanu I., Constantinescu M. Bronze Age funeral discoveries in Pietricica (county Prahova)

// Article

Motzoi-Chicideanu I., Olteanu G. A bronze age slab-cist grave discovered at Vãleni-Dâmboviþa

// Article

Motzoi-Chicideanu I. Srbu D., Constantinescu M., Sultana N. Cimitirul din epoca bronzului de la Cârlomanesti -La Arman (Campania 2003)

// European Archaeology Online (Romanian with English summary). The Bronze Age cemetery from Carlomanesti - LA ARMAN (The 2003 campaign)

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