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Kats V.I. Typology and Chronological Classification of Khersonesan Magistrate Stamps

// ВДИ. - 1985. - №1. - С.87-113. [Типология и хронологическая классификация херсонесских магистратских клейм, англ. пер.]

Kaufmann St. Archäometrie - Untersuchung kulturhistorischer Objekte mit aktuellen Methoden

// Journal of the TU Claustah. -l 7/2000 (pdf file)

Kazanski M. Les Antiquites germaniques de l’epoque Romaine tardive en Crimee et dans la Region de la Mer d’Azov

// Ancient West & East. - 2002. - Vol.1. - No.2. Читать/сохранить файл *pdf

Kazanski M. Les arctoi gentes et "l'empire" d'Hermanaric

// Germania. -70. -1992. - 1. Halband. - S.75-120. Читать/сохранить файл *pdf

Kehoe A.B. The Land of Prehistory. A critical history of North American archaeology


Kelheimer Tonpfeife

// Bronze age find oldest hashish pipe in the world?

Kennedy M. Seahenge clue to ancient axes

// The Guardian, 11.20.01. "The oldest metal axe cuts in Britain have been detected in the timbers of Seahenge, felled more than 4,000 years ago. The marks of dozens of axes prove that metal tools were being used for complex wood work within a century of bronze technology arriving in Britain from the continent".

Khalaf S.G. Phoenician Ships, Navigation and Commerce

// "Examined in this article are Phoenician ships in ancient times. There are descriptions of particular ships and the development of ships over time. The different types of war galleys are discussed, as are methods of navigation. Countries and goods the Phoenicians traded with by land and by sea are described. There are paragraphs about each trading region - the Mediterranean, Black Sea, North Atlantic, West Coast of Africa, the Canaries, Red Sea, and the Indian Ocean. The text is illustrated with drawings of ships and references are cited."

Kilmurray L. Monuments and Access - The interpretation of Neolithic Monuments

// "Monuments are one of the defining features of the Neolithic of Western Europe. Tens of thousands of megaliths, henges, stone circles, menhirs, court cairns, passage graves, and other types, remain a rich source of information for archaeologists studying the Neolithic. Their scale and duration are unparalleled; nothing like them existed in the Mesolithic. For over two thousand years these collective architectural projects were the leitmotiv of the Neolithic itself."

Klejn L.S. A History of anthropological ideas (Abstract)

In print at St. Petersburg University, in Russian. Abstract and Contents. Russian version

Klejn L.S. Ancient migrations and the origins of Indo-European peoples (Abstract)

In print at St. Petersburg University, in Russian. Abstract and Contents. Russian version

Klejn L.S. Archaeological sources (abstract)

Publ. in Russian (1978) by Leningrad University, the second edition (1993) at Farn, St. Petersburg. Abstract and Contents. Russian version

Klejn L.S. Archaeological typology

Oxford edition of 1962 is by BAR, Slovenian edition of 1988 by Ljubljana university Russian edition of 1991 by Academy of Scinces of USSR, St. Petersburg. Abstract and Contents. Russian version

Klejn L.S. Archaeology in the saddle (Gustav Kossinna from the far distance)

Abstract of a monograph-sized article. Publ. In German (1974), in French (shortened version, 1978), in Russian (2000), all in journals. Abstract and Contents. Russian version

Klejn L.S. Culture and evolution. Theoretical studies (Prospect-abstract)

Prepared, but still not accepted by Publishers. Abstract and Contents. Russian version

Klejn L.S. Ethnogenesis and archaeology (Abstract)

In print at the philological faculty of St. Petersburg University, in Russian. Abstract and Contents. Russian version

Klejn L.S. History of archaeological thought (Prospect-abstract)

In print at the St.Petersburg University, in Russian. Abstract and Contents. Russian version

Klejn L.S. Incorporeal heroes (The Origin of Homeric images) (Abstract)

Publ. in Russian 1994 by Khudozhestvennaya literatura and Farn, St.Petersburg. Abstract and Contents. Russian version

Klejn L.S. Introduction to theoretical archaeology: Meta-archaeology

Publ . in English (2001) as a Supplement to Acta Archaeologica Copenhagen; in Russian (2004) by Belveder, St. Petersburg. Abstract and Contents. Russian version

[Klejn L.S.] It’s difficult to be Klejn. An Autobiography in monologues and dialogues by Leo S. Klejn (Prospect-Abstract)

Nestor-Istoriya, St. Petesrburg, 2010, in Russian. Abstract and Contents. Russian version

Klejn L.S. On art (Prospect-Abstract)

In print at Belveder, St. Petersburg, in Russian Abstract and Contents. Russian version

Klejn L.S. The Anatomy of the Iliad (Abstract)

Publ. in Russian 1998 by St. Petersburg University. Abstract and Contents. Russian version

Klejn L.S. The Catalogue of Ships (Prospect-Abstract)

In print, at the Eurasia publs., St Petersburg, in Russian. Abstract and Contents. Russian version

Klejn L.S. The phenomenon of Soviet archaeology

Publ. in Russian (1993) at St. Petersburg by Farn; in Spanish (1993) at Bacelona by Critica; in German (1997) at Frankfurt by Peter Lang. Abstract and Contents. Russian version

Klejn L.S. The principles of archaeology

Publ. in Russian (2001) by Belveder, St. Petersburg Abstract and Contents. Russian version

Klejn L.S. The Resurrection of Perun. Reconstructing East Slavic pagan religion (Abstract)

Publ. in Russian (2004) by Eurasia, St. Petersburg. Abstract and Contents. Russian version

Klejn L.S. The Savage society (the Russian title: The world turned upside down)

Publ. in German 1991 at Berlin, Aufbau; in Russian 1993 at St.Petersburg, Farn; in Slovenian 2001 at Ljubljana, ŠKUC. Abstract and Contents. Russian version

Klejn L.S. Time in archaeology (Prospect-Abstract)

Prospect-Abstract. Russian version

Klejn L.S. Varangian debates. The arguments and the history of the controversion (Abstract)

Publ. (2009) in Russian at St. Petersburg by Eurasia. Abstract and Contents. Russian version

Kloiber Ä. Anthropologische Auswertung der Urnenfelderzeitlichen Leichenbrände von Linz-Schörgenhub und St. Martin bei Linz

// Naturkundliches Jahrbuch der Stadt Linz 1956, 13-18 (pdf file). Article about anthropological examination of Late Bronze Age cremation ashes

Kloiber Ä. Ein Gräberfeld der frühen Bronzezeit in Rudelsdorf III, Gemeinde Hörsching

// Jahrbuch des Oberösterreichischen Musealvereines. - 109. - 1964. - S.153-156 (pdf file)

Kloiber Ä. Ein neues Gräberfeld der frühen Bronzezeit in Hörsching-Haid. Ein vorläufiger Bericht

// Jahrbuch des Oberösterreichischen Musealvereines 110, 1965, 158-161 (pdf file)

Klyutchnikov V. Khazar burial mounds at Chastiye kurgany

// Статья на англ. яз. "Chastiye Kurgany is an archaeological site composed of about 30 kurgans (burial mounds) in the Rostov region of Russia. It is located between the Seversky Donets River (a tributary of the Don River) and the Bystraya River. It lies at a distance of 150 kilometers north-east from Rostov-on-Don. The investigation of this site started in 2000. The excavations of the first mound revealed a burial of rather a rare type dated to the 5th-4th centuries B.C.E. The following artifacts were found there: a bronze cauldron, a brazier, various arrowheads, pottery, as well as some horse harness details of a Scythian beast style. These molded bronze heads and figures of beasts are genuine pieces of antique art."

Knapp I. Häuptlingsgräber der Aunjetitzer Kultur (2200-1800 BC)

// archaeologie-online. The exceptionally rich graves of the Early Bronze Age Unetice culture, presented as part of the presentation "Princely graves - expression of power and wealth"

Kobres В. Jacques Boucher de Perthes

// University of Georgia, биография.

Koehler C.G. A Brief Typology and Chronology of Corinthian Transport Amphoras

// Греческие амфоры. СарГУ. - 1992. - С.265-279. Общая типология и хронология коринфских транспортных амфор, Англ. пер.

Kokowski A. Vorschlag zur relativen Chronologie der südöstlichen Kulturen des „Gotenkreises“ (Die Forschungsergebnisse der Maslomecz-Gruppe in Polen)

// Die Sîntana de Mureş - Černjachov Kultur. Akten  des Internationalen Kolloquiums in Caputh vom 20. bis 24. Oktober 1995. - Bd.2. - Bonn. - 1999. - S.179-210. Читать/сохранить сборник файл *pdf

Koninger J. Eine eisenzeitliche Siedlung im Federseeried?

// Archaologie in Deutschland. - №1/97. Резюме, гальштаттские находки с дендродатами от 721 до 621 гг. до н.э.

Koryakova L. Sintashta-Arkaim Culture

// Presentation at the University of California, Berkeley April 1998

Koryakova L. The Rise of Metallurgy in Eurasia

// Summary of a presentation at the University of California, Berkeley April 1998

Kovalev A. Die altesten Stelen am Ertix (Das Kulturphanomen Xemirxek)

// Eurasia Antiqua. Zeitschrift fur Archaologie Eurasiens. - Bd.5. - 1999. - S.135-178. Читать/сохранить файл *pdf

Kovalev A. Discowery of New Cultures of the Bronze Age in Mongolia (According to the data obtained by the International Central Asiatic Archaeological Expedition)

// Сб. на китайском яз. 2008. - С.343-370 [текст англ. яз., иллюстрации]. Читать/сохранить файл *pdf

Kovalev A. "Karasuk-Dolche", Hirschteine und die Nomadien der Chinesischen Annalen im Alterturm

// Materialen zur Vergleichenden Archaologie. Bd 50. - Mainz. - 1992. - S.46-87. Читать/сохранить файл *pdf

Kovalev A. Uberlegungen zur Herkunft der Skythen aufgrund archaologischen Daten

// Eurasia Antiqua. Zeitschrift fur Archaologie Eurasiens. - Bd.4. - 1998. - S.247-271. [Даны немецкий и русский тексты]. Читать/сохранить файл *pdf

Kromer B, Manning S.W, Kuniholm P.I., Newton M.W, Spurk M., Levin I. Regional14CO2 Offsets in the Troposphere: Magnitude, Mechanisms, and Consequences

// Science. - Vol.294. - 2001.

Kuniholm P.I. Archaeological dendrochronology

// Dendrochronologia. - Vol.20/1-2. - 2002

Kuniholm P.I. Dendrochronological Investigations at Herculaneum and Pompeii

// 2005

Kuniholm P.I. Forestation in Anatolia

// The Archaeology of Anatolia: an Encyclopedia. - Bilkent. - 1994

Kuniholm P.I. Scientific Chronology in Anatolian Archaeology

// The Archaeology of Anatolia: an Encyclopedia. - Bilkent. - 1998

Kuniholm P.I., Newton M.W., Griggs C.B., Sullivan P.J. Dendrochronological Dating in Anatolia: The Second Millennium B.C.

// Anatolian Metal III. - Bochum. - 2005

Künnemann W. [рец.] Щукин М.Б. На рубеже эр. Опыт историко-археологической реконструкции политических событий III в. до н.э. - I в.н.э. в Восточной и Центральной Европе"

// Eurasia Antiqua. - 4. - 1998. - S.496-499. Читать/сохранить сборник файл *pdf

Kunnemann W. Jastorf - Geshichte und Inhalt eines archaologischen Kulturbegriffs

// Die Kunde. - N.F. - 46. - 1995. - S.61-122. Читать/сохранить файл *pdf

Kupfer B. Ausgrabungen auf dem Gelände der ehemaligen Wagner-Brauerei in Offenburg

Denkmalpflege HomePage in Stuttgart. Информация о раскопках.

Kusimba Ch.M. Rise and Fall of Swahili States

// 1999. Altamira Press, Walnut Creek, California. ISBN 0-7619-9051-8. Paperback. 197 pp; a bibliography and an index. "Between the 11th and 16th centuries AD, a truly cosmopolitan civilization rose and fell on the eastern coast of Africa. From Mogadishu in Somalia south 3000 kilometers to Cape Delgado in Mozambique, the city states called Swahili established regional trade centers, where copper, gold, silver, lead, gum copal pottery, beads, and bronze came from Cambodia, China, Arabia, Egypt, Yemen, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Indian subcontinent."

Kuz'min S. Ladoga, le premier centre proto-urbain Russe

// Текст. Читать/сохранить файл *pdf

Kuzmin Y.V., Jul A.J.T., Lapshina Z.S., Medvedev V.E. Radiocarbon AMS dating of the ancient sites with earliest pottery from the Russian Far East

// 1997

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