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Jacobs J.Q. Tupac Amaru, The Life, Times and Execution of the Last Inca

// Статья 1998 г.

Johnston D. Ireland in prehistory - A concise account

// "Ireland's early history is dominated by the end of the last Ice Age. It has been mooted that perhaps in SW Ireland some hunter-gatherers remained in occupation during the Ice Age. However apart from that the first evidence we see for occupation appears in the River Bann area in N. Ulster (Mountsandel - Toomebridge - Ballymoney). Such occupation - per land-bridge or by water from W Scotland - has been dated to around 7000 BC. It is interesting to note that these early arrivals lived in quite substantial houses, and as well as being hunter-gatherers and fishermen practised a basic form of agriculture."

Johnston D. Some Thoughts on the Celts - Origin, Religion and Language

// "The object of these notes, as the title implies, is to express the writer's ideas and opinions. One culture which unwittingly has caused much confusion in people's minds is that of the Celts. In recent centuries the problem seems to have begun with the antiquarian William Stukeley (1687-1765) who associated such ancient monuments as Stonehenge and Avebury with the Celtic Druids, unaware of course that such monuments predated the Celtic Druids by a couple of millennia. Thus began the association of the Celts with the structures of the remote past."

Jull A.J.T., Donahue D.J., Broshi M., Tov E. Radiocarbon dating of Scrolls and Linien Fragments from the Judean Desert

// Radiocarbon. - Vol.37. - №1. - Jerusalem. - 1995

Julien C. Reading Inca History

// 2000. University of Iowa Press, Iowa City. ISBN 0-87745-725-5. Cloth. 302 pp; end notes, a bibliography and an index. "During the 16th and 17th centuries AD, Spanish conquistadors and their associated spiritual leaders conspired to stamp out the heresy of the Inca religion of Peru and Ecuador. In so doing, many of them recorded detailed genealogical and mythical data from the Inca people themselves, in an attempt to teach themselves how to better convert the pagans, as they saw them. All of these texts are biased, in one way or another, by cultural blinders or personal intent."

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