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Hall R.L. Archaeology of the Soul. North American Indian Belief and Ritual

// 1997. University of Illinois Press, Urbana. ISBN 0-252-02299-8 (acid-free paper). 171 pages, plus 40 pages of notes and references, and an index. "Until about five years after I got my Master's degree, I couldn't tell people I was an archaeologist; well, not with a straight face. The reason I was shy about admitting my profession was the same reason I was drawn to the field: its eclecticism. To be a good archaeologist, you need to understand the rudiments of biology, chemistry, agronomy, politics, ethnology, physics - indeed, you need to know a little bit about everything that people do or have ever done. A great archaeologist can put all the pieces together into a coherent story - because, finally, that's we are. Story tellers."

Hamilton D.L. Ceramic Firepots, Conservation Research Laboratory Research Report No. 1

// "Throughout each year, the Conservation Research Laboratory conserves material from a number of different archaeological projects. The purpose of these CRL reports is to showcase the conservation procedures used to treat some of the more interesting archaeological material. The conservation of ceramic firepots from a 17th-century Portuguese ship is showcased in this report. The Santo Antonio de Tanna wrecked in Mombasa Harbor, Kenya, in 1697. It was excavated by the Institute of Nautical Archaeology."

Hamilton D.L. History of wooden shipbuilding

// "The bibliographies have been compiled by a student on the Texas A&M University Nautical Archaeology Programme." Библиографический список.

Hamöller M. Loga Gde. Stadt Leer, Ldkr. Leer: Archäologie im neuzeitlichen Schloßpark

// "Im zur Stadt Leer gehörenden Loga liegt inmitten eines weitläufigen Parkes auf einem leichten Geestsporn zur Leda hin das Schloß Evenburg. In der Planung und z.T. schon in der Durchführung begriffen befindet sich neben der Restaurierung der Gebäude die Neugestaltung des Parkes auf der Grundlage des Landschaftsgartens (ab 1860), dessen einstiges Erscheinungsbild sich neben den fragmentarischen Hinterlassenschaften einer Gartenanlage im Französischen Stil noch erahnen läßt."

Harding D.W. The Archaeology of Celic Art

L. - 2007. Читать/сохранить файл *pdf

Harding A.F. European Bronze Age Societies

// Cambridge World Archaeology (pdf file)

Harhoiu R. Das Ende der Sîntana de Mureş -Cernjachov-Kultur und die Phase der hunnischen Expansion

// Die Sîntana de Mureş - Černjachov Kultur. Akten  des Internationalen Kolloquiums in Caputh vom 20. bis 24. Oktober 1995. - Bd.2. - Bonn. - 1999. - S.59-68. Читать/сохранить сборник файл *pdf

Harland J. An integrated zooarchaeological database for research and teaching

// The 13th issue of Internet Archaeology. "This article presents for Скачать a database for the recording of animal bones and is especially suitable for recording British, Irish and continental European assemblages. Created for faunal specialists and zooarchaeology students alike, the background to the database design process is also provided alongside a web-based demonstration of the main features of the database". Резюме.

Harris E.C. Principles of archaeological stratigraphy

London & New York. - 1989. Читать/сохранить файл *pdf

Harris J. Babylonian Mathematics and Planetary Theory

A comprehensive guide to the Babylonian Planetary and Luni-Solar Parameters, Babylonian Planetary Methodology and the Heliocentric Concept.

Harrison S. The Archaeology of the Yorkshire Wolds - Bronze Age

// Article

Hebert B., Heymans H. Graz

// Excavation report about Late Bronze and Early Iron Age structures found during the construction of the archive building at the Karmeliterplatz

Helytovyc M. Icons of the 1560’s associated with ‘Dmytry’

// Восточноевропейский археологический журнал. - №3(10). - 2001.

Henderson J.S. The World of the Ancient Maya

// 1997. Cornell University Press, ISBN 0-8014-8284-4 (paper). 268 pages, plus 61 pages of notes, references, and an index.

Herdick M. Der Tilly-Fund aus dem Kurpfälzischen Museum in Heidelberg

Umfangreiche Internetpräsentation im Rahmen der Bayerischen Landesausstellung 2003 "Der Winterkönig" in Amberg. "Es waren wohl die Schlammmassen eines schweren Unwetters, die im Sommer 1622 Lager der bayerischen Truppen vor Heidelberg unter sich begruben und damit den erst kürzlich bei umfänglichen Grabungen gehobenen „Tilly-Schatz“ (ca. 300 Fundstücke) schufen. Der Fund gewährt einzigartige Einblicke in die Lebens- bzw. „Überlebensgemeinschaft“ eines Söldnerheers zur Zeit des Dreißigjährigen Kriegs."

Herrmann B. etc. Alles bleibt anders

// Journal of the University of Göttingen 1/2002 (pdf file). Referring to genealogical examinations on the skeletons of the Lichtensteinhöhle.

Heuck Allan S. Finding the Walls of Troy. Frank Calvert & Heinrich Schliemann at Hisarlik

// 1998. University of California Press. ISBN: 0520208684.

Heym W. Die Ende der Bastarnen am rechten Uber der unteren Weichsel und das der baltischen Volker der Grenzzone

// Prussia. - Konigsberg. - 1938. - Bd.32. - T.I. - S.140-172. Читать/сохранить файл *pdf

Hicks D. Ethnicity, Race and the Archaeology of the Atlantic Slave Trade

// Assemblage: the Sheffield Graduate Journal of Archaeology 5. "The issue of ethnicity has been little considered by British post-medieval archaeology. Archaeology has unique access to evidence of the role of material culture in the expression and negotiation of historical identities. This paper aims to provide a theoretical framework for the study of ethnicity in the context of the history and archaeology of the Atlantic slave trade."

Himmelsscheibe von Nebra

// Official website of the Förderverein Himmelsscheibe von Nebra e.V.

Hooker J. Bibliography on the Celtic Coins

На англ. яз.

Hooker J. The Coriosolite Expert System

// The Coriosolites inhabited what is now Côtes-d'Armor in Brittany on the Armorican Peninsula. Клады и находки кельтских монет Арморики, библиография.

Hughes M.K., Kuniholm P.I., Eischeid J., Garfin G., Griggs C.B., Latini C. Aegean Tree-Ring Signatures Explained

// Tree-Ring Research, Vol 57(1), 2001

Hunley H.L. Wreck Protection Agreement

// "Programmatic Agreement Among The Department of the Navy, The General Services Administration, The Advisory Council on Historic Preservation, The South Carolina Hunley Commission, And The South Carolina State Historic Preservation Officer Concerning Management of the Wreck of the H.L. Hunley." Соглашение об охране подводной лодки.

Hürter T. Der Jahrtausendknall

// DIE ZEIT 10/04/03 . See also ZDF Wunderbare Welt. Bronze age settlements covered by eruptions of the Vesuv

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