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Античные памятники и раскопки: Европа и Азия

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Under Construction

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Mallakastra Regional Archeological Project around Apollonia in Albania (MRAP)

"MRAP is a multi-disciplinary and diachronic archaeological expedition formally organized in 1996 to investigate the history of prehistoric and historic settlement and land use in central Albania, in an area centered on the Greek colony of Apollonia. The project is employing the techniques of intensive archaeological surface survey in conjunction with natural environmental investigations." Сообщения о работах 1998-2001 гг.

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Vindolanda and the Roman Army Museum

"The 2004 excavation season is spread from April to the end of August, and should continue to prove exciting and eventful as the excavation teams attempts to fill in more of the blank spaces in our knowledge of Ancient Vindolanda. Two main areas of the site will be under investigation, the first being an extension of the 2003 excavations by Andrew Birley into the large Severan fort ditches, and the second conducted by Justin Blake defining the limits of the vicus and exploring exciting remains of much earlier fort defences." Исследования, выставки, информация для туристов.

Vindolanda Tablets Online

"This is the online edition of the Vindolanda tablets, wooden writing tablets excavated at the fort of Vindolanda which lies immediately south of Hadrian’s Wall in northern England. They are an internationally important resource for the study of Roman frontiers, the army, literacy and the Latin language. They were written by and for soldiers, merchants, women and slaves and give a vivid direct insight into everyday life in the Roman world." Исследования, библиография, родственные ресурсы.

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Arae Flaviae - Dominikanermuseum Rottweil

"Hier finden Sie aktuelle Informationen uber die Ausgrabungen des Landesdenkmalamtes Baden-Wurttemberg in der romischen Stadt, dem Municipium Arae Flaviae. Kaiser Vespasian (69-79 nach Chr.) ließ von seinem Legaten Cneius Pinarius Cornelius Clemens im Jahre 74 nach Chr. eine Straße von Straßburg / Argentorate nach Ratien zur Donau bei Tuttlingen bauen." Исчерпывающая текстовая информация на нем. яз., с илл.

Colonia Claudia Ara Agrippinensium - Koln

Краткий обзор истории города на нем. яз. 1996 г.

Das romische Mainz

"Mainz ("Mogontiacum") war in römischer Zeit ein Ort von herausragender Bedeutung. Seinen Anfang nahm es vor 2 000 Jahren (13 v. Chr.) mit dem Legionslager auf dem Kästrich. Bald war es - mit Köln und Trier - eines der drei großen Militär-, Verwaltungs-, Handels- und Kunstzentren nördlich der Alpen. Ausgrabungen der jüngsten Zeit (Römerschiffe, Germanicus-Ehrenbogen) unterstreichen diese Sonderstellung." Краткий обзор античной истории Майнца на нем. яз.

Meißner O. Eine kurze Geschichte der Stadt Koln

// Обзор истории памятников римского времени на нем. яз., 1997 г.

Romische Villa rustica Hechingen-Stein

"We find ourselves in southwestern Germany between Stuttgart and Lake Constance at the end of the 1st century AD. For the past few years this area has been under Roman rule. In addition to castells (fortresses) and towns, Farming estates, in Latin villae rusticae, have developed to provide food for the inhabitants. Thus, a family, whose name we no longer know, decide to settle here in Hechingen-Stein and build a Villa Rustica." История исследований, планы, иллюстрации, находки, публикации, хорошие илл., на нем. яз.

500 Jahre auf den Spuren der Romer

"Eine virtuelle Ausstellung. Von Studierenden der Universität Regensburg unter der Leitung von Privatdozent Dr. habil. Gerhard H. Waldherr. Dieses Internet-Projekt basiert auf einer Ausstellung, die von Studierenden des Fachs Geschichte erstellt wurde und 1994/95 in Regensburg, Wels (Oberösterreich) und Passau zu sehen war. Das Material der Ausstellung wurde für die Präsentation im World Wide Web bearbeitet und ergänzt. Alle Artikel und Bilder unterliegen dem Urheberrecht." Виртуальная выставка, список лит-ры, обзор прессы, история исследований, планы, иллюстрации, на нем. яз.

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Ancient City of Athens

"This is a photographic archive of the archaeological and architectural remains. It is intended primarily as a resource for students of classical art & archaeology, civilization, languages, and history at Indiana University as a supplement to their class lectures and reading assignments and as a source of images for use in term papers, projects, and presentations." Обзор античных Афин на англ. яз.

Excavations at Isthmia

"By permission of the Greek Ministry of Culture and with a permit through the American School of Classical Studies at Athens, The Ohio State University conducts a program of archaeological research, education, and publication at the Sanctuary of Poseidon at Isthmia. Isthmia was one of the four great Panhellenic sanctuaries, active from the Archaic period through the end of Antiquity, with a rich period of medieval use as well." Раскопки санктуария Посейдона. Полевые работы, проекты, новости, предварительные сообщения за 1992-2000 гг., родственные ресурсы, на англ. яз.

Pylos Regional Archeological Project (PRAP)

Department of Classics, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH 45221-0226. "PRAP is a multi-disciplinary, diachronic archaeological expedition formally organized in 1990 to investigate the history of prehistoric and historic settlement and land use in western Messenia in Greece, in an area centered on the Bronze Age administrative center known as Palace of Nestor". Мат-лы раскопок с 1992 г., интерактивная карта, на англ. яз.

Sphakia Survey Internet Edition

"University of Oxford. The Sphakia Survey is an interdisciplinary archaeological project studying life in this remote and rugged part of Crete, from the time that people arrived in the area (by ca 3000 BC), until the end of Ottoman rule in AD 1900." История и археология Крита с IV тыс. до н.э. до позднего средневековья.

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Giza & the Pyramids: 100 Years of American Archaeology at Giza

"This exhibition opened to the public in 1997, and remains one of the favorite exhibits of school groups. It addresses the work in the early 1900's of Prof. George Reisner, who excavated the Pyramid of Mycerinus (MenkauRe) at Giza, and the ongoing work of Prof. Mark Lehner." Информация о выставке на сайте "Semitic Museum at Harvard University"

Rice M. Egypt's Legacy: The Archetypes of Western Civilization 3000-30 B.C.

// 1997. Routledge, London. ISBN 0-415-15779-X (hardback). 207 pages, plus 26 pages of notes, references, and an index. "One of the great mysteries of the Egyptian civilization is why it flowered so abruptly around 3000 B.C. In his 1997 book, Egypt's Legacy, Michael Rice takes the rather intriguing stance of using Jungian - as in Carl Jung - analysis to explain the possible mechanisms of the rise of civilization."

Ross K.L. Egyptian Royal Tombs of the New Kingdom

// "In the American Museum of Natural History of New York City, in the Africa section of the Anthropological part of the museum, there is a cut-away model of an Egyptian Royal Tomb of the New Kingdom (XVIII, XIX, & XX Dynasties, c. 1575-1087 BC).."

Treasures of the Sunken City

"Welcome to the companion Web site for the NOVA program, "Treasures of the Sunken City", scheduled to be rebroadcast on Tuesday, July 8, 2003. This program chronicles the underwater discovery of the fabled Pharos lighthouse, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, just offshore from the modern city of Alexandria in Egypt. Here's what you'll find online."

Valley of the Kings

"The Valley of the Kings actually has two components - the East Valley and the West Valley. It is the East Valley which most tourists visit and in which most of the tombs of the New Kingdom Pharaohs can be found. (The West Valley has only one remote tomb open to the public, that of Ay who was Tutankhamun's successor.)" Небольшая информационная страничка.

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Нисневич А., Рыбалко О. Циппори. История и археологические находки

// Заметка

Шведова В. Древний город Хацор

// Информационные Мат-лы: исторический обзор, археологические исследования.

Ashkelon, Israel: The Leon Levy Expedition

"The Leon Levy Expedition to Ashkelon began in 1985, and continues each summer. This link will take you to information on how to participate on the excavation, as well as other details on their finds in recent years." Информация на сайте "Semitic Museum at Harvard University".

Tel Hazor

"Tel el-Qedah, the Arabic name of Hazor, was first identified with biblical Hazor by J.L. Porter in 1875. In 1928, the British archaeologist, J. Garstang, conducted a limited excavation at the site." Ежегодная информация о раскопках с 1991 г.

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Under Construction

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Archaeological Site of Aquileia

"Aquileia, one of the most interesting archeological sites in Italy, is located in the southern part of the Friulian plain, close to the wide Lagoon of Grado. The Roman senate decided its foundation in 181 BC and the place was chosen for its strategic position, since it could have been an efficient military stop-over for expeditions to Istria, the Illyrian, and for a strict control over the Iulian-Carnic Alps.."

Christian Catacombs of Rome

"This Internet site is the oldest complete data transmission presentation of the Christian Catacombs of Rome. The wealth of content is illustrated with many coloured photographs and text in twelve languages including the three most widespread and important oriental ones: Chinese, Korean and Japanese. It constitutes a basic, complete and concise aid to know the catacombs and to prepare a pilgrimage of faith to Rome." Здесь же и библиография.

Horace's Villa Project

"This site offers information about Horace's Villa and the excavations undertaken there from 1997 to 2001. Among the many features you will find are QuickTime panoramas of the site as well as Horace's villa poetry read in Latin by Prof. Matthew Dillon of Loyola Marymount University. There are also videos about Horace's villa and about another important villa, the Villa of the Papyri, which has been recreated at the J. Paul Getty Museum in Malibu, California (currently closed to the public for restoration)."

Other Romes

Christian Catacombs and Egyptian Obelisks. "Renaissance archaeologists loved Roman culture, but they were also fascinated by Rome's great, mysterious relics of ancient Egypt: the obelisks, some of them inscribed with mysterious hieroglyphs, that Roman emperors had brought across the Mediterranean." Археология эпохи Ренессанса. Обзор истории классической археологии на сайте Ватиканского музея.

Philodemus Project, Epicurean Philosophy of Herculaneum

UCLA. Небольшая информационная страничка с илл.

Pictures from Pompeii and Herculaneum

Photo: Örjan Rudstedt 1967-1999. Фотографии.

Pictures of History - Pompeii


Pompeii Forum Project

University of Virginia. "The Pompeii Forum Project is a collaborative venture that focuses on the urban center of Pompeii. (The forum at any Roman town was the urban center housing the town's main religious, civic, and commercial institutions.) There are three components to the project: documentation of standing remains; archaeological analysis; and urban study that seeks a) to interpret the developments at Pompeii in the broader context of urban history and b) to identify at Pompeii recurring patterns of urban evolution that can be applied to contemporary issues in American urbanism." Описание работ 1994 г. на англ. яз.

Roman Concrete - The Roman Pantheon: The Triumph of Concrete

"This site is dedicated to sharing information and resources on ancient construction technology, especially Roman construction materials, tools, and methods. The goal is to understand and better appreciate the advances mankind made thousands of years ago in developing sophisticated, beautiful and practical structures that, in some cases, still stand today."

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Virtual Baalbeck

На англ. яз., виртуальный тур. комм. Родиона Вильданова: "Сайт молодого учителя из Бейрута посвящён римским развалинам, вернее его изобретению - панорамному способу воспроизведения территории раскопок с механизмом прокрутки в двух направлениях и увеличения и уменьшения объектов. Механизм реализован на языке Java и поэтому необходимо немного подождать пока компилятор браузера закончит обработку кода."

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Lepcis Magna

A UNESCO World Heritage Site. "Since 1994 I have been leading a team of archaeologists conducting new excavations on part of the site of one of the most exciting Roman cities of North Africa, Lepcis Magna in the Tripolitania region of Libya." История исследований, виртуальный тур.

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Under Construction

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Under Construction

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Greek Pottery found at Histria

"1,770 finds with catalogue references in an on-line database." База данных.

Histria references

310 references (1898-1993) in an on-line database, allowing searches according to theme, publication year, author. Библиография.

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Виртуальный тур. Театр и стадион.


Турция. Виртуальный тур. Театр, агора, базилика и др.

Canakkale - Gallipoli

Виртуальный тур.

Excavations at Ephesus (with excellent panoramic photos)

"Ephesus is the best preserved classical city of the Eastern Mediterranean, and among the best places in the world enabling one to genuinely 'soak in' the atmosphere of Roman times. Take a virtual visit to this extraordinary ancient city. " Виртуальный тур.

Mahar D. Sinope

Некоторые вопросы истории Синопы.

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Античная крепость, Кушанская Бактрия. "На обрывистом берегу реки Амударьи в тридцати километрах к западу от Термеза находятся руины античной крепости кампыртепа. Общая площадь сохранившейся части крепости составляет около 4 га. Стационарные археологические и архитектурные исследования памятника проводятся с 1982 г. Сотрудниками Института Искусствознания под руководством акад. Э.В. Ртвеладзе. В процессе раскопок выявлены и частично изучены: возвышенная укрепленная Часть крепости - цитадель, окружающая ее жилая застройка, внешние и внутренние оборонительные сооружения, захоронения в башнях и несколько погребальных комплексов за пределами внешней крепостной стены. За время изучения кампыртепа сделан ряд интересных открытий в области материальной и художественной культуры кушанской Бактрии, написано множество научных работ. Выявленная планировка этого интересного памятника позволяет рассматривать жилище в общем контексте застройки города-крепости, который в течение последних семнадцати веков был погребен под толщей земли."

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Ancient Vienne - a virtual visit

Археология Вены - виртуальный тур. История исследований, новости раскопок, охрана, консервация и реставрация памятников, коллекции изображений (мозаика, скульптура и др.), на англ. и франц. яз.

Théâtre gallo-romain, Lausanne - Archeodonum SA

"Des sondages effectués à Lausanne-Vidy (av. de Rhodanie, à proximité du giratoire de la Maladière) depuis le 05.10 ont mis au jour des structures d'époque romaine (inhumation et quelques murs). Les fouilles ont repris fin décembre 98 et ont permis la découverte d'un théâtre gallo-romain. De plan semi-circulaire, les gradins au nord et la scène au sud, les spectateurs découvraient ainsi le lac et le vicus gallo-romain en même temps que la représentation théâtrale." Информация 1998 г.

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Greenhalgh M. The "Palace" of Diocletian at Split

// "A Unique Structure from the Later Roman Empire". Небольшая заметка, виртуальный тур.

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Römerstadt Augusta Raurica - Augst in der Schweiz

"The extremely interesting open-air complex of The Roman Town of Augusta Raurica offers over 20 places of interest, including the best preserved antique theatre north of the Alps, a unique replica of a "Roman House" and the "Roman" farm animal park. No wonder the archaeological site is the most visited tourist attraction in the Baselland Canton today, and enjoys an international reputation." Музей, раскопки, исследователи, публикации, на нем., частично на англ. яз.

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